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Axess TMC XPoint-Touch

Axess TMC XPoint-Touch
XPoint-Touch combines the operating characteristics of an advanced Time and Attendance terminal with those of a multi-application field process controller, thus providing seamless integration of access control and time and attendance applications.

A powerful, versatile and intuitive field user interface designed for easy interaction with other typical building management applications such as: anti-intrusion security intrusion detection, fire detection and video surveillance. Through the color display of XPoint-Touch all users are able to interact with the system to and view personal information, receive messages or send commands in a controlled and traceable manner.

The XPoint-Touch terminal allows each user access to the available functions in a protected manner using a versatile and intuitive interface. The XPoint-Touch user interface is the point of convergence of the field functions of various different application modules.

Examples of the main functions performed by XPoint-Touch for the various application fields are:

Human Resources: time and attendance with input of motives “reasons” (off site service, overtime, lateness, etc.), consultation of personal data (latest time stamps, first time stamp of the day, work hours balances, etc.), display of personal messages or display of messages by user groups
Canteen Management: meal reservation or consumption tracking, with or without menu composition; no.of meals consumed shown on a bright, wide, graphical display
Access Control: lock/unlock individual access points or all access points in a zone, by-pass of one or more authorization checks, instructions for visitors, video intercom over IP
Intrusion detection:I selection/deselection of zone alarms arm/disarm zones, alarms list, alarm actuators activation/deactivation
Safety: directions to emergency exits, list of persons present at mustergathering points in the event of evacuation.

A growing number of companies have a portal through which employees can transmit and receive information.

XPoint-Touch is equipped with an integral web browser that can be opened from a Menu Option. It can interact with HR or ERP applications in order to display information or send requests (such as applications for leave or holidays) to specific company departments.

XPoint-Touch is a component of the Real-Time Server-Independent architecture of the Zucchetti Axess solutions. The communications between XPoint-Touch and the other Field Processors in the system make it possible to implement a series of functions that are unique in systems of this type, such as global enquiries on time stamps, time stamp sequence checking (entrances=>attendance=>canteen), anti pass-back, etc., even if the system server is down or otherwise inaccessible.

Users are aided in the use of XPoint-Touch by a guided menu-based interface that is absolutely straightforward thanks to its intuitive design. Menus can be generated and modified at any time using XAtlas software, without affecting the ongoing operation of the system. The XAtlas software makes it possible to create multiple level menus that can be diversified in relation to the application or user type.

Each user can be associated with a “Peripheral Profile” that makes it possible to enable or inhibit disable certain of the configured menus or menu options. Also the day type or time model can be utilised utilized to enable or disable certain some of the available functions.

Menus can be set in different languages, thereby facilitating use of the system by foreign personnel or visitors.

Technical Specification