Axess TMC

Axess TMC RFID/3

Axess TMC RFID/3
RFID/3’s are general purpose readers and read/write modules that can be used for any AutoID applications. Equipped with a 3-colors led and an acoustic buzzer, they come supplied with a wide choice of proximity technologies, read-only and read/write modules.

RFID/3 offers a a wide choice of proximity technologies, read-only and read/write modules:

904.300.17 For 125KHz - 64 bit read-only tags ( EM - H4002/4102 compatible) - four integrated selectable emulation interfaces: buffered magstripe-Clock&Data, Wiegand 26 bit, (Barcode C39), RS232 9600n8.

904.301.14 ISO14443 A/B & ISO15693 reader, Mifare®. Magstripe output, serial TTL output, read & write - outdoor use

904.302.14 ISO14443 A/B & ISO15693 reader, Mifare®. Magstripe output (buffered), RS232, read & write, Wiegand (through command 232), Molex connector, 12 Vdc - outdoor usep

904.305.15LEGIC® + ISO14443A +15693, magstripe, serial, all at TTL level output

904.306.15LEGIC® + ISO14443A +15693, buffered magstripe and RS232 interfaces

  • In bidirectional connection RS232 (or TTL) allow complete handling of read/write, multisegmented applications and “Multi-applications”.
  • Maximum Security applications can be implemented using LEGIC® advant technology with encrypted transmissions (compatible with all LEGIC cards including new CTC4K Advant cards)

RFID/3 readers are supported by all AXESS TMC terminals in read-only applications. Read/Write applications usually require customized SW development.
User signals
Buzzer controlled by the host device
Multi Colors LED (Blue, Red, Green) controlled by the host device.
Reading distance
From 30 to 150mm depending on the RFID technology.
Wall mounting
Two front-pass-through holes for screwing into the wall.
Six pins connector on the back for cable connection (standard CAT5 cable)
OEM Versions: No casing, only circuit versions available.
Certificates: Ce and FCC.

Technical Specification