License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

The SecurOS AUTO License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution provides a number of unprecedented advantages for users, including the ability to accurately capture license plate information at 130 mph (210 km/h) & in all kinds of weather conditions, including light fog, rain, & snow. The advanced algorithms involved in the technology result in the sort of pinpoint accuracy that distinguish letters from numbers, so that, for example, an “8” is not mistaken for a “B”, a crucial advantage, particularly in emergency situations when one has only milliseconds to get it right. SecurOS AUTO integrates easily with third party parking management or smart roadway systems, as well as legacy security equipment & external databases. It is a highly effective tool for vehicle registration tasks, control of traffic, & the access control of vehicles.

Product Scope
  • Car detection & License Plate Capture based on Image Analytics. No need to use sensors or external devices.
  • Multiple Frame analysis for higher accuracy
  • Provides advanced reaction capability & automatic notification based on License Plate Recognition &/or comparison with information from a database
  • Integration with the third party equipment & devices: barriers, automatic gate, weight scale, traffic management systems, etc
  • Real-time Video Management & Access to Video Archive embedded
  • License Plate Database allows search for all images, video, information of time, date, direction of a vehicle
  • Integration with external databases such as stolen or unlicensed vehicles
  • High quality License Plate Recognition in various conditions & luminosity
  • Fast adaptation for work with new st&ards of license plates
  • Reliable with a wide range of video cameras, including IP & Analog

Key Applications of SecurOS AUTO
  • Solution for parking areas, providing vehicle safety, increase of speed and quality of service, and the reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft.
  • Automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time, plate numbers of incoming and outgoing cars.
  • Comparison of information at arrival / departure of vehicle
  • Simplified information search in database on the car plate numbers, date or time of parking
  • Integration with barriers, automatic gates
  • Integration with the automatic systems of calculations for payment control
  • Protection of strategic areas and high security areas.
  • Integration with the gravimetric equipment, executive devices on entrances/exits (arrival/departures), and also with workflow systems for effective automated accounts management
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Video-control in real-time of loading/unloading processes of raw materials or finished goods
Municipal Services
  • License Plate Recognition may also be integrated with ISS Traffic Monitoring or other third party traffic management software to create a safe traffic hub for municipalities.
  • Restrict entry into municipal areas based on preset policies
  • Utilization for toll payment system
  • Effective tool for police and other municipal services: automatic registration in traffic of vehicles which are flagged for search, analysis and alarms for infringement of road rules etc.


SecurOS EdgeAUTO is an integrated solution for license plate capture and recognition, ideal for parking, access control, and border crossing installations; especially for those with limited network connectivity. EdgeAUTO’s embedded module runs on AXIS ACAP and Samsung Open Platform for supported cameras. The module analyzes the raw camera video, sending selected JPEGs (with captured license plates) and metadata to the SecurOS AUTO Server for recognition. This solution works with SecurOS EdgeStorage Sync to deliver high-resolution streams back to SecurOS Servers/Clients with video of the vehicles passing.