Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System


SabreFonic sensor cable is specifically designed to provide reliable early warning of intruders by detecting any attempt to cut or climb a perimeter fence.

SabreFonic cable provides a highly effective method of perimeter intrusion detection and consists of a continuously monitored and intrinsically safe, fibre optic sensor cable that is sensitive to a wide range of vibrations, flexing, compression and cutting.

SabreFonic relies on the transmission of laser light as its detection method and so does not radiate signals, nor is it susceptible to electrical interference. This makes it particularly suitable for use in hazardous industrial locations where there is risk of fire or explosion.

SabreFonic cable is very easy to install and field repair or replacement of a damaged section of cable is remarkably straightforward, using a simple but effective splice connector.

SabreFonic sensor cable is designed for use with Remsdaq’s Sabre II Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) Processor


SabreLine sensor cable provides the ideal solution for buried applications in sterile areas or over open ground where effective detection of intruders is essential. As with other products in the Sabre range, SabreLine exhibits all of the unique benefits of a PIDS sensor based upon fibre optic sensors.

SabreLine is a pressure sensor and is suitable for covert application under grass, gravel or soil and can easily be installed in zones of various lengths, widths and shapes. Once installed, SabreLine is invisible and cannot be detected using metal locators or other detection equipment.

SabreLine provides high operational reliability and a high probability of intruder detection despite varying ground conditions and humidity.


The Sabre RDBPS from Remsdaq is a rapid deployment sensor system for barrier protection using a rugged continuously monitored and intrinsically safe fibre optic sensor cable which is sensitive to vibration, flexing and compression but is totally immune to electromagnetic and electrostatic interference.

Disturbance of the fibre optic sensor cable is detected and analysed using a digital signal processor (DSP).

When a disturbance exceeds pre set conditions, an alarm will be generated. Automatic environmental compensation algorithms ensure the highest probability of detection whilst ensuring a minimum of nuisance alarms from natural causes. Application specific set-up parameters are configured and adjusted remotely using the integral serial communications system which can also monitor additional sensor inputs and control local outputs and the system is particularly easy to integrate with third party data collection and alarm management systems. An audio output is also provided which allows the threat to be assessed remotely.


Sabretape is part of Remsdaq’s unique range of perimeter intrusion detection systems employing highly resilient fibre optic sensors. This field-proven and highly reliable technology is extensively used in government, military and industrial applications around the world and supported by an extensive network of approved installers.

Sabretape delivers outstanding operational performance whilst its mechanical construction presents a high level of deterrent and delay to wouldbe intruders. Sabretape consists of a specially prepared mild steel tape, which is pre-galvanised and polyester coated. A fibre-optic sensor is laid into the tape, which is then sealed. Sabretape is available with either an aggressive (barbed) or non-aggressive finish.

Sabretape is normally installed as a complete fence system or as a series of collapsible, anti-climb outriggers, added to an existing fence. Sabretape outriggers may also be used independently and are ideal for protecting gates, walls or the sides of a building.